Heckyl “Free Falling Down”

Social media time! No, this time there’s no need to open Instagram. I am speaking about a new single, which speaks about social media and the devastating effects it has on the users, particularly the impressionable ones. Curious? Read on!

Luke Potter is an established singer-songwriter and producer, who has released hugely successful music under his own name as well as produced for other artists. His experience in writing catchy music that easily slips into the listener’s heart is undeniable, and his new project Heckyl takes that skill of his further. His new alias symbolises the inner monologues and battling that incurably negative anxiety-triggering inner voice that says you’re never good enough, which is also why you can see those sharp claws of the shadow man on the artist’s logo. At the same time, his songs have a healing aspect – being exposed to your fears and problems will often help to see the way onwards, and Heckyl seems to know that.

The inner voice alias opens the windows to the emotions and thoughts stirring inside us. Those sometimes difficult and hard to explain thoughts get unravelled and put into easily relatable lyrics, and popping beat with catchy melodies offer a great listening pleasure. So far there is “Side Where You Slept On” for the heart-broken , “Preacher” for the anxious ones among us and “Stranger” addressing depression. Today the artist returns with a new story!

Heckyl’s newest single is titled “Free Falling Down” and it carries a pretty serious tone. The melodies and atmosphere speak of anxiety and dissatisfaction right from the beginning, taking the listener into a room with a grey tonality. Looking around, there’s a bluish light surrounding a shadow of a human on the wall. A person is sitting on the computer, scrolling through an endless stream of posts. At the same time, their face is devoid of any emotion, but deep within, the anxiety and unhappiness is gnawing away. In another room, a woman is scrolling her social media just the same way. This begs the question of:

“Who are we?
Scrolling through a screen for a feeling
and it carries no meaning
how empty, must we be to search for likes for attention…”

If there is something that most of the modern world can relate to, it’s this. Social media has seeped into our lives and it’s very hard to root it out, and it seems people dismiss the negative effect this carries. The lyrics of this song address the troubles of social media without any embellishments – Heckyl speaks about things as they are:

“Free Falling Down is a song about the damage that social media does to today’s youth. We live in a world where everyone has the ability to judge each other through a screen, leading to more and more people dealing with anxiety and self-esteem issues.”

“Free Falling Down” could easily be the badly-needed wake-up call, helping us recognize and break free from the chains we have got locked into without noticing. And while this song is super serious, his emotional vocals and wonderful production still offer a lot for the ears. It also feels a bit rewarding for those of us who have managed to remain dominant over the social media. That freedom tastes sweet.

It’s exciting times for the artist as well as the listeners – Heckyl plans to release a new song every 4 to 6 weeks throughout this year. Maybe there will also be an EP – the artist remains sweetly ambiguous on that. Whatever happens, there will certainly be a lot of fresh music!

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