J0VANNA’s new single “TwentyOne”

J0VANNA delves deep into her feelings about growing older as she turns ‘TwentyOne’ in her sophomore single. 

Born and raised in Pembroke Pines, Florida, J0VANNA is a — as the name of her latest releases hints at, twenty-one year-old pop and R&B singer-songwriter. Her music so far tends to be focused on her inner struggles, whether it is her anxiety and OCD or her reluctance to recognize the passage of time and how she lives. The piece of herself that she leaves in each of her tracks help them feel painfully but beautifully raw and authentic, in a way we mainly witness in industry veterans or older artists.

The rookie artist debuted in February of 2021 with the single ’Brain On Fire’, setting the mind and heart of listeners ablaze with excitement. Over the following months, the surprise from J0VANNA’s talents and potential has developed into anticipation for what was to come, and she will certainly not disappoint with her second single, a slightly retro track that contains pop-funk beats infused with the contrasting placid dream pop. 

TwentyOne was written by J0VANNA and produced and mixed by Terrence Rolle, who has worked with artists such as DaBaby and DJ Khalid, and mastered by Grammy-nominated Dave Kutch. The track is also part of an unnamed EP J0VANNA plans to release at the end of 2021.

At some point between childhood and the end of our adolescence, growing up goes from being someone we wish would happen faster to an inevitable event we pray can be delayed, despite knowing our wishes are unable to stop the passage of time. The strange phenomenon known as aging is an annual event, without exception, yet becoming used to it feels nearly impossible no matter how many birthdays you’ve been through. 

In TwentyOne, J0VANNA says what most young adults think around this time of their life: if only they could stop growing up. In a world where we’re expected to show complete responsibility once we become adults, those who still think of themselves as teenagers will inevitably feel an extra weight from the pressure of growing up “too quickly” or at an undesired pace. J0VANNA understands this struggle, and it is exactly that what she expresses in the track.

“I wrote TwentyOne on my 21st birthday. It is an anthem against growing up. I am just not ready! Aging is something I think about all the time. I really don’t like birthdays and I don’t feel I am ready yet to be an “adult”. Probably the most challenging part of growing up is knowing that my parents, sisters, grandparents, and other loved ones are getting older too. This single expresses all of these emotions that I am experiencing. At the end of the song, you can hear me laugh, which is my way of saying everything is going to be okay.”

Ending the song on a positive note, J0VANNA makes other twenty-year-olds feel more at ease by, perhaps inadvertently, letting them know they’re not alone. Although acceptance and change will not come right away, beginning to prepare yourself for the moment where you must take the next step completely on your own might not be as hard as they originally felt. As long as it feels right, just like J0VANNA hopes it’ll be once she continues moving forward, you won’t regret your decision. 

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