Jim Jam “Troubled Soul”

I feel most people can agree that the rare feeling of hope and optimism, particularly when you’re under a spell of seemingly eternal Big Sad, is one of the most wonderful feelings. A newfound amount of energy fills up your body and for once you feel the days are bright and the worries small. With this in mind, a great artist has written a single based on exactly that, and it’s a heartwarming listen!

The artist in question comes from South-East London – a singer-songwriter Jim Jam, master at running atmospheric moody indie sound layered with his pleasant voice and a hint of lo-fi. Constantly shifting and evolving, his songs are all a journey within one title and offer a lot of excitement with intricate production choices. Blended and warm, Jim Jam’s music is as immersive as it gets, cozy like a soft blanket, filled with bold doses of emotion and a great companion.

Jim Jam’s newest song has just dropped and it’s called “Troubled Soul“. Dark around the edges, the song holds light within the gentle vocals and the flowing guitar melodies, a story of feeling one of those rare glimmers of hope as a person suffering from depression. And it feels so good!

Beginning quietly through a layer of hazy dark, his deep throaty voice finds a trace of light extending into a much brighter chorus, swirling in the bliss that shines down on us. When the quiet bit feels veiled by the dark feelings, the chorus is like a live performance. Full of energy, celebrating life, enjoying itself to the fullest. The ecstatic electric guitar riffs are a source of wild goosebumps and the trumpet offer even more excitement. Jim Jam also reveals that the trumpet part is played by the his 84-year-old grandpa. A strong sheen of love.

This wonderful anthem of hope is one of many great songs this artist has released. I went through his releases on Spotify and every song has an own lovely world within. One thing that joins them all is that unmistakable uplifting dose of warmth even through the darkest bits.
A healer!

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