Jaded Jane “Bogotá”

Adventurous duo Jaded Jane teach us how to live here and now with ‘Bogotá’.

The brothers Axel and Adam Jane Olsson developed a keen sense of harmony, melody and later on originality at a young age, as they grew up alongside their musician father and a mother with a passion for music. Now, decades later, the two men who make up Jaded Jane have taken the role of being the light in a dark world with their uplifting art.

Jaded Jane have released three experimental albums so far, and are currently preparing for their most ambitious album to date. The forthcoming project, Salvation, is set to be released on November 17th. In the meantime, they have shared with the world their latest single, Bogotá, which was first written years ago.  

The many years of testing various diverse production methods and the days spent tweaking the work in progress have wrapped with the help of Ake Linton, one of Sweden’s most accomplished producers. The track also includes Olivia Huff as a vocalist, Michael Ruff on the piano and Per Lindvall on the drums. 

Perhaps the best way to describe Bogotá is to say that it is love. Not necessarily a love song, and instead more of a song that was made because of and with love present in it during every step of the way. 

Dominated by soft drums that audience’s hearts will joyfully follow, this uplifting track feels made to be played over a montage of people who hold each other dear. It is reminiscent of the happiest of scenes in movies and the listener’s favorite memory, as its combination of passionate male vocals, soothing female vocals, and an instrumental that brings it all together inevitably make one appreciate life and the people we consider important in it. 

Bogotá was described by the brothers as a song about “recognizing yourself in another person’s smile” and with lyrics mentioning seeing heaven in that person’s eyes, it is no wonder that this is a great “live in the moment” song. Perhaps listening to this song will help listeners accentuate the emotions of a special moment or memory. 

Now that the song has been finished and shared with the world, Axel Jane can look back fondly at the long, but worthy process. He stated: “It’s a dream come true for me to collaborate with Olivia Ruff, Michael Ruff & Per Lindvall. Bogotá has taken a few years to wrap up, I wrote it on my way to Colombia 2017 and I instantly felt that it was going to be a special song for me.”. 

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