Mya Luv “Elevation of Luv”

Mya Luv has a stellar debut with the complex and straightforward EP, ‘Elevation of Luv’

The Montreal based singer, songwriter and producer Mya Luv greets the music scene with a seven-track long debut, in which she opens up and lets listeners into her inner world. A true artist in every sense, Mya is a self-taught singer capable of immersing her audience right away.

Mya Luv was deeply involved in every step of the making of her debut work, writing, composing and co-producing (the last part done alongside Marven Denis) to make sure her vision came true. Elevation of Luv is the gateway into a captivating universe full of unpredictable events and twists.

Containing seven tracks, Elevation of Luv makes full use of every song to solidify Mya’s poignant and passionate narrative, with the EP itself functioning as a deeper look into her feelings regarding love and her experiences with authenticity and integrity. Dripping melancholy, discontent, and some anger as well, the debut work is honest and direct, showcasing the essence of Mya Luv. 

Mya shared some exclusives on how her collaboration came to be.

“I have produced this EP in collaboration with my friend, who is also a musician and artist. We both used our complementary skills in order to produce both of our EPs. (…) By the end of 2020, I had already written many songs. I usually compose them on the guitar. And I was determined to release my first project, so I was actively looking for a producer to help me do that.”

“But then I met with my friend Marven, and he kind of gave me the confidence that I was able to produce my songs by myself with his help, as I am constantly learning and I already have some knowledge about music production, and I also play a couple instruments.”

Elevation of Luv is distinctively neo soul. Its implementation of jazz, R&B, and blues (in addition pop and rock, to a lesser degree) are distinguishable upon first listen, yet the spotlight is taken by the intensity of the emotions palpable in Mya Luv’s voice. Her deep and rich vocals lead the rhythm and pace of the tracks, while the accompanying instrumentals —  all of which sound live, as though you were listening to the artist and band perform in the same room —  heighten the overflowing emotions. 

Perhaps the song that best encapsulates such description — and my favorite as well, is none other than the fifth in the tracklist: ‘Tired Of It’

Official Music Video for “Tired Of It”

Released on the 27th of August, Tired Of It is all about honesty. In it, Mya Luv exposes all the filters, online and in real life, used in daily life and everyday interactions for what they are: a mask people behind. She brings into question how authentic conversations and relationships can be if people are putting on a pretense at all times, and encourages the listener to think of how the digital age has affected our relationship with our own selves as well. 

In this track, her exhaustion is evident and contagious, as it brings forth the listeners own feelings regarding current society and social media. At the same time, the first half of the song contains an acoustic guitar that slowly ignites the indignation in our hearts, culminating in a more attention-grabbing melody as the drums and other chord instruments take over after Mya Luv delivers a heartfelt rap and chorus. Although the definition of neo-soul can be said to not be too specific, Tired Of It represents the genre more than anything I’ve ever heard. 

Of course, all the other six tracks in the EP are equally worthy of praise. From the more upbeat and positive Queen,  to the heartbreak, more jazzy Fairytales and Lies, or even the more country-influenced Hope Is the True North, Elevation of Luv contains different levels of energy and very diverse styles. Worthy of even more praise is how none of these varying influences and emotions clash with each other, as they all represent different bits of Mya Luv and together give a feeling of being complete. 

In order to first-hand experience the beauty and vulnerability of the newcomer, don’t hesitate to dive head first into  the organic and ethereal world of Mya Luv. 

If you enjoyed Mya Luv’s music and would like to stay updated, be sure to check out her official website. For social media you can follow her Instagram and Tiktok accounts. To listen to her music, you can head over to her Spotify profile, Soundcloud, and Youtube channel.

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