Austrian rockers, Counter The Eulogy, present their latest single up to date. A melodic rock tune with hard contrasts and a story to tell. Nostalgic and pure, “Picturesque” sets the perfect mood for a long highway drive or a great night at a Live performance.

Welcome back everybody, MadZen here! I’m really stoked about today’s single as it brings me feelings of joy, hope and remembrance. This four piece from Austria have been together since 2014 and today I have the pleasure to write about their music.

First of all, Counter The Eulogy was created after Markus and Steve decided to revive an old band project, which, it is said, took them a while! But eventually the line up was completed with the addition of Stefan and Matthias, who turned out to be perfect fits for the band.

They create music inspired by acts such as Jimmy Eat World, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Three Doors Down, Alter Bridge, etc; and an interesting fact about these gentlemen is that their lyrics are influenced by prolific songwriters like Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen, and even by classical authors like James Joyce and Franz Kafka. Neat!

“Picturesque” marks their third single release from their upcoming EP, “With Eyes Wide Open” which has been in the making since 2017 and will be released in 2022. Its first single, “Borders (Radio Edit)”, saw light in March, 2020, and today it has reached well-over 60k streams on Spotify. Way to go!

The song starts softly, with tender guitars and a melancholic ambience. Sweet vocals tell a poetic tale that slowly increases with grooving drums, driving bass and a plethora of ambient, background guitars that suddenly turn into a raging explosion of distortion and high-reaching melodic bends. What started as a soft lullaby quickly turns into a huge epic.

The idea to Picturesque started when my youngest daughter was a little child, about 2 years old. I thought about her and how I wished her life might be. Then, inevitably I thought about the climate crisis and inequality which are kind of the main topics of our upcoming EP “With Eyes Wide Open”. However, I didn’t want the song to feel like a cheeky protest-song, although it is in a way. This led me to approaching the topic from a different perspective, highlighting the great things around us every day that are well worth to take care of. I hope that listeners connect to the song and it’s lyrics in a similar way that I do.” – Counter The Eulogy

Truly a sweet ride with a hard turn at the end that makes it even more enjoyable, “Picturesque” is a great third delivery before Counter The Eulogy’s full EP is released.

Here’s some special words from the band itself for first time listeners:

We seek to write songs we love ourselves, while still being able to connect with our fans through them. We’d really love to have you with us on our musical journey – so see you there.” – Counter The Eulogy

You can find Counter The Eulogy on InstagramFacebookTwitterYouTube, and Spotify. You can also visit their official website.  If you enjoy their music and are able to provide monetary support, you might consider downloading it on Bandcamp.

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