A fierce punk track that blasts quick and to the point. Raging Puck Rock is what they call it, and we love it. “Zamboni Driving Maniac” is what you needed but didn’t know it. Listen right now to this hockey themed song by Two Man Advantage.

Good morning, evening, night, everyone! I’ll go straight to the point… WTF! This new single by New Yorkers, Two Man Advantage is fucking sick, I’m all fired up after listening to it! Let me just chill a little…

Ok, I’m back. So, our good friends from DCxPC Live (that awesome punk label that releases only live music on vinyl), has released a new single by Two Man Advantage called “Zamboni Driving Maniac”. In case hockey isn’t your forte (like me), Zamboni was actually an inventor from the 1940s whose most famous invention was the ice-resurfacing machine, that big machine used to polish the ice on hockey stadiums. Yes, the one that moves suuuper slow. So you can see the irony behind the track’s title.

It is Punk at its purest form, with blasting guitars/bass, savage drums and gutural screams. All wrapped up in hockey attire! Brilliant. This single will be part of a new 12″ record, released by DCxPC Live, for Two Man Advantage on 10/8. One side is a live show at CBGB from about 20 years ago, and the other is a more recent live show at Punk Rock Bowling. Neat!

Apparently, the Zamboni Co. of Paramount isn’t very pleased with the song, and are concerned about whether the song “implies an unsafe activity.” You can read all about it right here. This simple fact, to me, makes the song even better.

The album is already on pre-order on their website, and it is limited to 200 copies, so move quickly if you wanna get your hands on one of them!

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