Mishell Ivon “#DGGASPBXX”

Mishell Ivon poses a quite intriguing question in a fashionable manner in her single #DGGASPBXX’

With over twenty years of experience, this professional performer and lyricist was born with musical talent running through her veins. Since her debut in 2020, Mishell Ivon has been continuously delivering groovy bops that are sure to stand the test of time — her discography is currently formed by eight tracks (two being a remix of her fourth single, Electric Gold), and with their own killing parts, they are all a sincerely enjoyable throwback to disco, delivering a pleasant 80’s cardboard box type of music that would fit right at home with the hits written back then. 

Her latest single, released on the eighth of October, #DGGASPBXX is a song full and groove and bunch born out of a mundane experience, proving that great art can be made out of any experience. 

#DGGASPBXX, which stands for the question “Does God got a speakerbox?”, is a danceable song with a real breakdance feel, full of punch and funk, containing enough accentuated beats to comfortably pop and lock to. This absolute moodsetter not only provokes the desire to dance within the listener — it also invites us to think about the possibilities of our words and thoughts being truly listened to.  

Inspired by a question made by her niece, Ivon has written a track that makes the people listening question if any higher power has the ability of knowing what’s going on in our minds, and if said being has any influence over our wishes coming true. #DGGASPBXX is Ivon’s own spin on this thought, with a dose of boogie and bounce to make it feel more like a relaxing time than the existential question it could turn into. 

In the midst of the rise and reprise of the 80’s, Ivon manages to stay fresh and innovative in the sea of retro-inspired artists. Her combination of nostalgia and novelty are a certified auditive addiction for all lovers of that era, disco, breakdance, and pop. #DGGASPBXX is the right song to play to get into that feel-good party mood, and we can only assume her upcoming EP, set to be released in 2022, will only raise the passion and spirit even more. 

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