Maharani “All Of This”

Maharani speaks of the frustrations and difficulties that come with learning to be vulnerable around those she cares about in her new single,  ‘All Of This’.

The upcoming bilingual R&B, trap-soul artist Maharani is back for the second time this year, delivering a sensual and vulnerable track that contains one of the catchiest choruses you’ll hear this year. 

Her style, which reflects the variety of cultures she grew up in and surrounded by, especially as a young woman of Indian descent born in the Netherlands, is hard to describe with words as it is not bound to a specific label or only one way of being interpreted and felt. Her sound, in a similar way, is unlike any other: inspired by popular artists such as Tinashe, The Weeknd, Jhené Aiko and Tank, with the addition of elements originating from the artist’s Carnatic music training. 

Another spark to her discography is the work coming from her collaborator and partner ItsyaboiKay, an East London producer (hip-hop, trap, R&B, etc.), with whom she’s worked with in a song from her South Asian inspired EP, AnBae, titled ‘Tere Bina’.  Now, the two of them are back to work and ready to wow their audience with the single  All Of This.

In her latest release, Maharani continues with the R&B sound and adds onto it an alternative rock influence, creating a hybrid sound that transmits the essence of these two genres: youthfulness and lushness. 

All Of This is a bedroom studio creation that carries with it a luxurious and attractive feel, in both the velvet vocals of the artist and the trap and soulful beat itsyaboiKay provides. As the artist sings of her desire to have a partner who can open up and be vulnerable with her, she also delves into how she wishes to be that kind of partner too. 

Despite her struggles with communicating all of the feelings she has, Maharani wishes to be truly honest and create or deepen the bond between her and those who she holds dear in her heart. Along the way, she also cements the idea that exposing all of you to the one you love the most is a sign of one’s strength and resolve. 

“I started writing this song in November 2020 when I was going through a difficult time in my life where I was consumed by a lot of emotions that I couldn’t explain. Kay was producing this beat with this sample that caught my attention and I was in the middle of doing my uni work when I told him I wanted to get on the mic real quick.  Two hours later I’d recorded this song and finished it pretty much! The inspiration came quickly because I think it was emotionally so freeing to be able to channel my frustrations into something beautiful. I didn’t change much afterwards either because it was one of those things that sounded authentic in those first couple of takes.”

The ambience of the song is perfectly captured in the music video. The sets consist of casual locations littered in elegant decorations, creating a meeting point between graceful and ordinary. This level of refinement, also witnessed in the dressing and glam makeup Maharani wears throughout the video, elevates the feeling of the song and highlights its extraordinary sound. 

Tackling a common issue and feeling felt among those who are in a relationship in a delicate and enchanting manner, Maharani presents a version of reality that people can still relate to yet also find marvelous and worthy of admiration, which comes in the form of listening to the song over and over, and having an appreciation for the music video that accompanies the delightful track. 

Maharani will continue to make music that blends the more urban style and her own alluring nature with her take on whatever themes she decides to handle in her music, ready to keep enamoring people with her voice.

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