Charlotte Hall- “I Feel Alive”

It is easy, especially in the times we live in, to feel detached from our surroundings and forget what is truly important to us. We feel trapped in ourselves, in our own world. But with her new feel-good single, “I Feel Alive”, Charlotte Hall proposes a new perspective: life is too short to not do what we really want to do. Sure it will take a lot of hardships and effort, but with just enough persistence, we can find happiness in places we never even thought before.

Charlotte Hall is a singer-songwriter from Chesterfield, United Kingdom. “I Feel Alive” was inspired by The 1975s, Blondie, Sam Fender, Jeff Buckley, Johnny Marr, and Girl in Red in both lyrics and its pop-rock sound. The producer of the track is Dave Gerhart, who Hall met through Instagram. Soon, they found out their creative common ground and started working together. “I Feel Alive” was recorded remotely with vocals and guitars played by Hall and bass and drums played by Gerhart. Each of them recorded their parts in their own home which were later mixed and mastered in Gerhart’s studio.

I wrote this song around the same time as an earlier release “Apathy”. Whilst writing both songs I was going through a “Quarter Life Crisis” during lockdown. Whilst writing “Apathy” I was in the depths of it and couldn’t see any way out of the situation I was in. “I Feel Alive” came to my mind visiting Sheffield after months of not being able to. I think that day was the first spark of knowing that maybe there was a light at the end of what felt like endless tunnels during the lockdowns. The good thing that did come out of the “Quarter Life Crisis” was realising what I did NOT want to do with my life. The last year eighteen months has involved a lot of stress, anxiety, uncertainty, loss and grief for too many people. A lot of us have had to check in with ourselves and we’re talking about mental health more than ever. -Charlotte Hall

“I Feel Alive” is a song about escaping a reality where we don’t feel fulfilled with ourselves. In a very personal experience from Charlotte Hall’s life, it is about escaping a 9 to 5 job, from a small town to pursue a lifelong dream, playing music. Inspiring in its lyrics and music, “I Feel Alive” is guaranteed to immediately lift every listeners’ mood up. Bright guitars and upbeat drums pump remind us of what we truly want in our life. Hall’s emotional vocals are just the final push to jump right out of our bed and achieve our dreams.

With “I Feel Alive”, Charlotte Hall brings to us an uplifting single that infects us with its optimism right from the very start. Recommended for everyone who needs just a little more motivation to follow their desires!

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