Leanna Oki “Warning Signs”

Leanna Oki counts her grievances and vents about the overlooked ‘Warning Signs’ in a track full of disillusionment and anger. 

Surrounded by a distinctive and lively soundscape, the indie artist Leanna Oki has been developing a strong musical and artistic identity throughout the year. The rookie, who was raised in the suburbs of Toronto, Canada, is an innate artist who’s been using music as an outlet from an early age; from singing to songwriting to teaching herself how to play a variety of instruments and produce, the passions of a younger Leanna have become one of her strongest assets in the present. 

Leanna is now a capable creative, self-sufficient in most of the behind the scenes steps until near the very final stages. Her skills in several areas have allowed her to keep working on her craft. The songs she’s independently written and recorded in this period of time are being released in 2021. 

Warning Signs, her single that came out in the twenty-ninth of October, is one of the many pieces of art where she’s unloaded her emotions. The edgy and angsty track deals with the bitter aftermath of being abandoned unpromptedly. 

Inspired by the abrupt ending of Leanna’s last relationship, Warning Signs is a cautionary tale of a partner who was willing to disregard all the flashing red lights and another who didn’t hesitate to betray that trust. 

Leanna Oki doesn’t hold back at all; her anger, bewilderment, and disappointment do not fade away or decrease throughout the song — they are a vivid constant that represent the party who stayed and was wronged. The singer’s emotions are intertwined with the moody and resentful pop and electronic beats, making the track overflow with her raw sincerity.  

As a powerful disco-pop release, the song evokes a desire to let out all the energy that music transmitted to them within the listener: this up-tempo tune is perfect for dancing or to be used in gym routines, with Leanna’s angst, her passionate vocals, and the heavy synths working as a sort of power buff that can only be found in music born from the soul. 

With the rise of discussions regarding red flags and what’s worth looking out for in a relationship, Warning Signs is a captivating and addicting addition to the discourse that leaves behind worthy knowledge. Whether the song helps someone avoid an unfortunate situation or becomes the source that comforts those who have experienced similar events, it goes without saying that this pop track brings with it more than meets the eye. 

Warning Signs is only one of the many songs Leanna Oki has and will release during her career, but the passion and unrefined emotions found in it is something that listeners will be able to feel in all of her music. Leanna pours her heart into each and every one of her songs, making her craft stand out from the rest no matter what style or sound she tries — and in the future, she will be trying out new ways to present herself to the world. 

This lively artist is ready to leave her mark in people’s souls. Question is, are you ready to be part of that group?

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