Maijah “Autumn Vibes”

Maijah achieves a never-heard-before bop in her unique and chillingly delightful seasonal-inspired track, ‘Autumn Vibes’.

Coming from a family of artists, the luminous, born-to-shine up and coming performer named Maijah blends modern day topics with metaphysical symbolism and wraps it up in her jazz, R&B, and pop inspired style that is bound to make people fall in love with it. 

A singer-songwriter who plays lyrics and the artistic process that comes with them in her heart, Maijah aims to inspire, empower, and charm those who come across her music through her authenticity and bewitching appeal. She’s been singing and writing songs since the moment she could talk, and from that moment it’s all been a journey that’s led her to the music scene, where she’s been shining brightly since her debut this year. 

Autumn Vibes is the fall anthem you’ve always needed, even if you weren’t aware of it before it came into existence. The song blends heavy autumn imagery and ambiental natural sounds with a certain devilish apathy, making an insanely charming piece of art you won’t be able to stop listening to no matter what season it is.

With the track leaning onto a shorter duration, lasting a couple of seconds over two minutes and a half, and a lengthy chorus that is repeated thrice in the track, Autumn Vibes is easy to remember and get addicted to. The most admirable and alluring aspect of this hit is how it uses the two aforementioned facts to its advantage, making itself memorable and easy to follow but still including its fair share of pleasant surprises in the instrumental, which makes the track refreshing and gives listener and inclination to listen again just to be hit by that euphoric feeling that arrives with the song’s anti drop. 

As an alternative-pop track with evident rock influences, the song captures the sensation of a change in the weather in its melody. Starting slowly with a deep and charming piano and slowly adding more elements — such as the usually-present bass and the electric guitar that suddenly pops up in the second to last chorus — is reminiscent of the slow but noticeable change from summer to fall, followed by the abrupt presence of rain and thunder. Like the season it’s inspired by, Maijah’s Autumn Vibes is refreshing, moody but playful, and contains a little bit of everything, making it appealing to fans of pop, the fall season, or connoisseurs of living with that hot-and-unbothered energy the track carries.

The simplicity of its inspiration does not equate to the track being a simple song. Quite the opposite, as in each new listen, those with a keen ear will be able to notice and appreciate different parts of the single: from Maijah’s crisp vocals, the smooth harmonies, or the way her voice leads the music to the implementation of sounds of nature, the spotlight given to every instrument, or the way it balances its powerful chorus with its gentle verses — there will be something for you to love in Autumn Vibes. 

If you enjoyed Maijah”s music and would like to stay updated, be sure to check out her official website. For social media you can follow her Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tiktok accounts. To listen to her music, you can head over to her Spotify profile, Soundcloud, and Youtube channel.

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