Never too old to party a bit too much, that’s what “Trouble” is all about. This feel-good, summer-vibe song from punk veterans The Marabar Caves is what your day needs. With a vibrant beat, this new single is set to get you up your feet and feel the heat. Listen right now to “Trouble”.

Punk rock veterans are back at it again after a quite long hiatus. 34 years to be exact. That’s right friends, but before we get to it let me just first welcome you back to your favorite musical blog, Less Than 1000 Followers! Now, as you know we usually cover music from new artists that are just starting or whose careers span about 2 or 4 years tops.

This is not the case for today’s band. The Marabar Caves have been around since the 80s, with their members growing up to the heydays of 70s Punk. Such movement defined their attitude and sound. In fact, The Clash is said to be one of their most strong influences, amongst MC5, New York Dolls, plus all the good things from the present day.

“If you come to see The Marabar Caves live you can expect a powerful and energetic garage/indie rock band with rock guitars and driving bass/drums, upbeat songs with melody, all delivered with passion and gusto.”

After gigging extensively in London and the home counties including support slots to Doctor and
the Medics and Wilco Johnson, the band eventually broke up in 1994 with Tony and Steve going on to form the successful and long-lived Bushpigs.

It wasn’t until 2018, with Bill Westley’s return to Northampton and the replacement of bassist Chris Jess with successful, experienced musician Duncan Bisatt, that the band found itself reunited. Not only to bring back to life old memories but to create new ones; and so, The Marabar Caves set to create new material, which includes, of course, their latest single “Trouble”.

“Trouble” riffs on the theme of sometimes having too much of a good time. With subtle but clear surf-rock vibes, the smooth track has a unique balance between groove and funky. The walking bass moves like silk, while the drums lay their nasty beat. Cool, low, slick, and retro. Vibes for ages. Recorded and mixed with producer Jon Martin.

Despite having a collective age of over 230, the band can still show the youngsters on the Northampton music scene a few things about that!

According to the band itself, the narrative of Trouble is that whoever you may be and wherever you come from in the world we all have troubles big or small. “We deal with these troubles in different ways, many of us find solace in simple pleasures and vices, such as meeting up with friends and letting go of inhibitions. In the song it refers to drinking and having a smoke with friends.” – TMC

More gigs are planned to start with support to London band Bugeye at the Black Prince in
Northampton in November 2021.

One of the lessons of 2020 and 2021 is that nothing is certain and nothing lasts forever.
The Marabar Caves are grabbing the opportunities of this second coming and take the ride wherever it leads.

We sure can’t wait to hear what else has arisen in the Marabar repertoire, until then be sure to follow them on InstagramFacebookSoundCloudYouTube, and Spotify.   If you enjoy their music and are able to provide monetary support, you might consider downloading it on Bandcamp.

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