Two Man Advantage – “Headhunting (Live)”

“Watch out, he’s gonna kill you!” Blood-rushing experts, Two Man Advantage have returned with yet another fantastic punk/hardcore track. Simple, fast, and raw, “Headhunting” continues with the blood-spitting energy that makes TMA so great.

A new track from TMA already?? Yes!! Only a couple of weeks after releasing their last live single Zamboni Driving Maniac, the Long Island, USA band has now returned with yet another sweat-breaking, heart-racing, live single. As you might expect, things get wild once you press that play button.

Together for more than 20 years, Two Man Advantage is the world’s premier hockey punk band.

I gotta admit, I know nothing about hockey, but listening to TMA’s music makes me wanna be a fan. Just for the music! These maniacs are well known for their explosive live performances, they even have been featured in some of the USA’s most high-profile media outlets: The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Los Angeles Times, ESPN, and their music has been played in numerous NHL arenas. Sick!

“Headhunting” is short, fierce, and raw. With a painful-to-watch music video, the band has revived this live performance at the CBGB’s from 2002! Talk about a time machine! With its characteristic screaming and high-gain riffs, the song is featured in their 12″ release, which has more than 50% sold out!

It is also said to be a crowd favorite, usually featuring a “rookie” running around the crowd tipping tables and spitting/spilling beer as he goes. Despite their great success, TMA continues to play in DIY spots, dive bars, and punk houses all across the country, staying true to their roots.

So now you have a 12” with that same show plus another show, so I urge you listen to it,
love it, and if you ever get a chance to see it in real life, do it. You won’t regret it. Even if
you have to miss your grandfather’s 69th birthday. He’ll have another one, this may be
your one and only chance to experience a band who stand out to me as one of the best
live bands I have seen in 30 years of punk rock shows. Great band. Great show. Great
people. ‘Nuff said

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