Disclaimer: The video from this single contains sensitive material. Discretion is advised.

“You only live once”, or that’s what some people believe. But others might disagree, even rebel against it. Such is the posture of today’s artist: Hyattsvillain.

Yolo is a Lie” is a heavy industrial banger with electronica elements that fight against the acts of stupidity realized in the name of “Yolo”. A rhythmic and grungy approach supports the belief that we only die once and that we are better off evading death!

This track comes with a music video inspired by the Occult and early Ari Aster short films. A video that exemplifies exactly how dangerous and ridiculous can YOLO be when it’s taken to an extreme. In it we see a pair of individuals with black and grey masks performing some kind of ceremony.

With a throw of the dice, their fate is sealed, and the victorious man is the only one left standing.

“We kept on hearing people say ‘Yolo’ and then proceed to do stupid shit…even sometimes die. We never prescribed to the “You Only Live Once” mantra and wanted to rebel against it. We believe that you die once and it’s better to stay out of its way if you can.” – Hyattsvillain

A violent mix of heavily saturated guitars and bass carry the track from beginning to end, with hard-hitting drums delivering the beat with a highly energetic force. Robot-like vocals are achieved with the use of special FX, and the metal-like groove bounces off with aggression and strength.

We thought a rhythmic and distorted banger with some rap cadences in the verse would make for an interesting backdrop.” – Hyattsvillain

The song was recorded in Washington D.C. in Summer 2021, mixed by multiple Grammy award winner Andros Rodriguez, mastered by Alan Douches, and live drums played by Jon Jester. It is the second single from their upcoming album “Short Songs for a Fast Life”, due to release in the Summer of 2022 on Super Heavy Records.

“You don’t only live once. Yolo’s a Lie. You live each and every day. Once is how you die.”

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