Kate Ellis “Scars”

Romantic relationships where two people love each other to pieces. That’s probably the idea most people might have when it comes to two lovers and the chemistry between them. This single you’re about to hear is of much different chemistry – one that may make bystanders baffled when they hear the two are actually lovers. It’s dysfunctional, but it’s love.

Kate Ellis is a Louisiana-born singer-songwriter, raised in New York. Now living in London, the young artist creates folk and country flavoured songs, carrying that musical influence given by her dad. Writing songs ever since she decided to put down the law degree and start playing acoustic guitar, she makes effectively soulful and lively songs full of emotion. For Kate, music is about emotion and connecting to one’s feelings. In a way, feeling things means being alive, and her music relishes on all those feelings, the beautiful, gentle, and the damned and sorrowful.

Her newest single walks us into the world of love, leading us past all the roses and gentle movie-like romances and right towards the dysfunctional relationship of two loving people – who just happen to hate each other’s guts for a variety of reasons. It’s a warm-sounding tune titled “Scars” and it’s full of flying things and emotions, quite exactly feeling like the artist has described the song: ““Scars” makes you feel like you’ve just walked into a rowdy bar where two lovers are arguing like cats and dogs, but then kiss and make up at the end“. That’s basically what it is – between the debris and sharp words there is an immeasurable amount of love. Perhaps strange and unfathomable for many of us, but that’s pretty much one of many facets to life.

“Scars” will be part of Kate Ellis’ upcoming album “Spirals”, being one of its wilder songs. The album will see the artist unifying moments of tenderness, beauty, and emotion with her sweet songwriting style, making it definitely a release worth waiting for, especially for those of you loving folk, country, Americana, and a lot of that unique spark of soul! You can pre-oreder “Spirals” now in the link below.

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