Shayla McDaniel “Take Care”

Shayla McDaniel returns once again as a now-familiar name who has released a bunch of singles, among them the dancy “Scared Now“, rhythmic “Better Days” and the guitar-driven emotional song “Let Me Breathe“. This Tennessee singer-songwriter comes loaded with fresh indie-pop sounds. She firmly believes in the importance of mental health and taking care of yourself, and her honest emotional songs illuminate that belief clearly. She has written singles about a variety of themes ranging from relationships gone toxic to the feeling of panic. The importance of good night sleep was one of my favourite topics she covered in her single “Better Days”. And now, the artist is ready for the debut full-length!

Continuing with the line of mental wellness, the debut LP is suitable titled like a friend saying “Take Care“. It’s home to 10 tracks with a total runtime of 35 minutes, and the aforementioned three singles have also made it to the tracklist. Just looking at the song names gives a good insight into what the album will be about. You’ll see title names like “Worth Living” and “Take My Words” and just feel it will be an album full of heartfelt honesty. And you won’t be wrong.

The album is full of bright captivating pop sounds with the beat set by the epitome of positivity called “Alright”. There are also more intimate and poignant thoughts intertwined into the release, such as the heartbroken “Let Me Breathe” and pondering “Definite Unknowns”. Themes of life and living are processed deeper in “What I Need” and “Worth Living”, both songs underlining the importance of having someone trusty in your life.

Shayla’s writing skills really shine on this album – lyrically she manages to reach out with ease as she speaks about what she feels without being cryptic and difficult to follow. And when it comes to instrumentation, well there’s plenty of really good production going on. For instance “Flavor”, a song that playfully maneuvers with changing percussion throughout its segments. “Take My Words” has delightfully uplifting choruses, as well as warm piano chords and brass, and the ending track “Better Days” caresses with smooth easy vibes that make it the perfect closer for the debut LP. A wonderful journey throughout!

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