Gavin Fox “Lay Down Low”

There will always be darkness, but there are also those who search for light. Gavin Fox and his new single join the forces of the light, blowing fresh air into the souls of the timid and fearful and calling them out to join a big celebration of getting free from the dark!

Irish-born Gavin Fox is a fresh-faced singer-songwriter with a strong heart and honest lyrics. He has broken out into the music scene with full-bodied indie-folk songs that feel well-formed and warm as the melodies swirl around the listener. Telling stories of freedom and empowerment, one can feel the weight behind his lyrics. The story of Gavin Fox may not have had a happy beginning as he was born into the restrictive grasp of a religion-controlled family, but it’s all the more inspiring seeing how freely his words and guitar melodies flow now. The strength and power flowing from his songwriting reach far.

His most recent single is powerful and strong, and it’s also full of celebration. Released on the 4th of March, the song “Lay Down Low” features a fully alight bonfire on its cover, surrounded by darkness. In the lyrics, this fire is symbolized by the burning soul of a human being. The darkness may be an all-encompassing force and it is at the beginning of the song as his soft voice narrates hiding from bullets and dark clouds. The cheerful strummed guitar melodies and the glowing optimism in his voice blow the darkness away and reveal the blue skies and golden sheen powered by the fire in our souls. Dancing and swirling around celebrating that fire and all the positive things in life, “Lay Down Low” soars high as the drums and fiddle melodies join in, making it impossible to remain sad or even serious.

The infectiously cheerful nature of “Lay Down Low” makes it a shiny new gem in the artist’s discography and a must-listen for anyone who needs to have a load of positive vibes in their day. Now that the gloomy feelings are reaching everywhere, that ray of sunshine and his wonderful vocals feel like a gift.

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