This album is a collection of energetic and emotional indie-rock songs that will blow you away with their high dosage of talent and flawless production. “Very Far” takes us on a trip where guitars, pianos, drums, and bass create an explosion of excitement with a retro feel.

The Flashpot Moments is the studio Indie-Rock project created by Boston-based singer, songwriter, and guitarist, Tim Cawley. He has been around for a while now, with his music played in over 60 different independent radio stations and featured in 100-plus network and cable TV shows, including one of those “Real Housewives” spinoffs.

Now, the musician has brought to us a 10 track collection of Rock songs that carry inspiration from bands like Foo Fighters, Queen, Green Day, and Pearl Jam. Amongst their lines, the songs in “Very Far” vary from pumping Punk Rock rhythms to soft, emotional ballads. All in all, the album comes with top-notch production and an amazing musical delivery from Tim and his talented musician friends.

My previous album was, like many artists’ efforts, an intimate, acoustic “Covid” record. As we emerged from that isolation, I felt a strong urge to embrace maximalism. Tons of layers. Wall-of-sound production. I listened to a lot of 70’s stadium rock with the keyboards, harmonies, and double-tracked guitars. Tinkering with time signatures. I think in some ways, I was trying to blast away the malaise of the “Covid Years” using sonic mayhem.” – Tim Cawley

The albums debuts with a high explosion of energy in the first two tracks: Jealous and Itch. Serving almost like a warm-up, the two opening tracks set the foundational grounds of what’s to come!

The opening lyric of the album is “How far can my brain go?” The title of the album is the answer. This is me pushing the very farthest I can go – sonically, and as a songwriter.” – TC

In track 3, “Trust U”, the pace is slowed down just a bit but in any way diminishes the amount of thrill. Track 4, “Fun is Hard” brings back memories with a more Operatic Rock scheme, with its skipping pianos and Uptown-funky bass.

Cawley really makes use of every tool he has to bring his music to life, and he does so with the piano playing in track 5 “Don’t Know It Yet”, showing us his ability to master a variety of styles: from high paced anthemic rock to smooth & slow heart-warming ballads.

The album continues on a roller-coaster of emotions and tunes, one as good as the other, moving us through the evolving melodies and chants the artist has to offer. As we reach the finale in “The Crowd That Was”, all that was heard before begins to make more sense. The ride comes to an end, but with an understanding that everything that came before, had to be that way for us to appreciate the full-length of it all. Just like life!

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