This Sydney, Australia trio embraces imperfection and delivers a 5 track Indie-Rock EP that captures all of their Live energy. “Dog Trap Road” comes with a variety of influences that portrays the band’s different tastes and styles. Release date: March 28th. on major platforms or pre-order now on Bandcamp!!!

Named after an early Jimi Hendrix song, Driving South was created in 2019 by Jürgen (guitar/vocals) and Cam (bass/backing vocals), with the later addition of Shannon on the drums and percussions. These guys have a lot of musical experience, in fact Jurgen and Cam met while playing in the same band, both leaving to pursue new musical challenges, and so DS was born.

Their style might be described as laid-back with a raw sound. Some might say the carry a “garage” feeling. But it is this embracing of imperfection that makes these guys unique, original and distinctive. Mellow and natural, DS’s music is a bit of an exploration of different genres like Pub Rock, Blues, and a variety of Australian Rock culture.

“Dog Trap Road” is the trio’s latest effort to create a collection of songs that really aim to capture their Live sound and approach to making music. The opening track “Dog Trap Road”, gives the EP its title and quickly lets us know what these guys are all about. Honest, personal, and easy-to-listen music.

A collection of warm, fuzzy guitars will flood your ears, raw drums bang their way with a natural, soft groove and vocals deliver a very humane sound without the over-processed feeling of today’s mainstream. It feels very intimate and natural, like a walk by the park, a smoothie under the sun, and a stroll down the lake.

Songs like “Heart and Hands” and “Back To You” deliver a retro vibe with a tad of rockabilly. Warm summer nights and cool breezes that take us back to the 90’s. “Riding Home” comes with a more mysterious groove, almost ominous. With dark guitar riffs and western-like melodies, this track presents the trio’s ability to compose in several styles without losing essence, nor grace.

The last track, “Two” is a cover of Ryan Adam’s 2007’s track. But instead of being a delicate country song, this cover presents a more up-beat tempo and driving energy without losing the original track’s essence and charm.

Driving South recorded all together with Ben Worsey at Everland Studios in Sydney, later mastered by Cefe Flynn Mastering in Sydney. The band is really happy and proud of what they’ve achieved, specially of getting together and record all at once, instead of just recording each part on its own.

“This EP has really captured our live, at times imperfect sound. We know we could have found a polished vocalist and spent time on overdubs, but then it wouldn’t be a Driving South EP” – Jürgen Joarder

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