Jem Doulton – “Shipwreckers”

The 12th and last track from British musician Jem Doulton has finally hit the streaming platforms and with it comes a clashing wave of epic, cinematic bliss; and the climax to Jem’s slow-burning string of releases. Get on board and enjoy the end with Perfect Picture’s last track: “Shipwreckers“.

Man, has it been a year already? I remember writing for Jem just a few months ago, with the release of his third single My Brain’s In My Skin (which, by the way, includes a pretty neat interview). So much has happened since then: Perfect Picture, The Cows Come Home, Love Ain’t Enough Sometimes, and Slow Drive In A Fast Machine were released, month after month, spoiling us with a great music collection.

As they say, all good things must come to an end, and it is with “Shipwreckers” that the musician finally gives closure to Perfect Picture. A beautiful, epic, and mind-bending adventure that washes us away with its heavenly waves of sound. What a trip!

History class time!

‘Shipwreckers’ alludes to a dark past on the rocky shores of the South West and in general western coasts of the UK. The practice of deliberately luring ships into false harbours and into the rocks in order to loot the goods, acts as an existential vehicle that questions whether hope is a strong or weak concept when faced with adversity aka and in this case, clinging to a rock as the waves crash over you.

Jem intended this track to be left open to interpretation. To him it seemed a fitting way to end the album: “epic, drifting, existential, incomplete“. As always, my very dear friend Demian Castellanos from The Oscillation mixed and co-produced the track. Tremendous job, guys!

Demian’s influence over the track is clear since the beginning, with the pulsating synths and delaying percussions. Immediately a tide of magnificent orchestration hits us with a powerful aura that includes organs, brass and a bed of synths that give both foundation and melody. Truly beautiful. Outstanding chorus!

And so, the album comes to an end, leaving us with an amazing 12 track collection, made with the collaboration of so many great people and musician’s. Jem’s ambition has really give fruit and to him we say, thank you, master!

Here are the people involved:

#SamAyres #LukeBarlow #BenjiBouton #DemCastellanos #BenDoulton #DebGooge #RachelKenedy #AgatheMax #JamieMcCredie #ThurstonMoore #TomRelleen #KevinToublant #AlexWard #MichaelWinawer. Extra special guests are Joe Winawer (Mike’s son) with the Fountayne Road Choir of N15 (aka Little Italy).

Photo credits: TMG @ La Belle Electrique Grenoble. Photos by Nicholas Rivoire. Thumbnail by Chris Floyd with art direction by Aude Debout.

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If you want to enjoy 59 minutes and 21 seconds of this great 12 tracks you can do it here:

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