Split Persona is really stepping up its game with the release of their brand-new single. “I Need More” not only continues with the Metal meets Pop approach these guys have, but also rises the heat with the special performance of members from Three Doors Down and Puddle Of Mudd.


This is something to look out for! Are we back in the 00’s? Is the past meeting the present? What an amazing single delivery by Split Persona, a Reno, NVD band that keeps getting better and better after each single.

After the release of previous singles like No You Won’t and On Your Own, the USA band is killing it once again but with a sound that is much bigger, much more savage, and much more professional than ever. Maybe it’s thanks to the addition of Chet Roberts (Three Doors Down) on guitars, and Greg Upchurch (Eleven, Puddle Of Mudd) on the drums, but these guys are on a whole other level than before.

A brutal entrance delivered by Chet’s guitars sets the way for an explosion of drums and cowbell. The youthful vocals sing lyrics of hedonism and having a good time, while the track keeps evolving into a smashing lecture on how to write a total hit.

The chorus is catchy, the verses aggressive and filled with details, and the pre-chorus? exciting as hell. As soon as that second chorus hits you’ll be in love with the track’s massive sound. Man, that drum-playing is maniac too!! A beautiful bridge just punches you in the face, only to get back to the final chorus and to the chugging, face-melting, guitar riff.

This track really leaves the bar high for Split Persona and leaves us craving for what’s next.

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