V-Train – “Sunday Service”

This Pennsylvania, USA artist takes us on a sweet, mellow ride of LoFi Hip-Hop richness. A representation of him, playing piano in church alongside his mother while growing up. Sunday Service is a peaceful outfit that conveys the feelings of happiness while looking out to the horizon.

Growing up as an African-American, Vernon Jeffries aka V-Train was used to the experience of his church singing hymns and gospel songs every Sunday. His mother, a gifted pianist, always lead the congregation to worship, and so did V-Train.

Today, the artist blesses us with a brand new single that intends to portray such experiences. After coming across with a sample from “Let Me Tell You About Jesus” by the Dixie-Aries, V-Train used his production skills to incorporate it into the track.

Chopping techniques, laid-back beat, and a tasty bass warm us like a Sunday morning, greeting us with a lovely kiss. Simple melodies give life to the beat as the retro-sample flips and stutters in an elegant way. Lofi drums, guitars and synths delight us with their simplicity, giving the tune that old-time-gospel feel the artist intended.

It’s an upbeat song that makes you imagine the calmness and peace that a person experiences while looking out to the horizon. – V-Train

This artist uses his music to express any mood his feeling without the need of words. From scratching to chopping samples, his uncomplicated approach to making beats give that lazy feel that makes us wanna lay back, dream, and love. You can check out his previous track (and brand new video) right here: Cold World.

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