John Leslie Hulcombe’s beautiful “Sanctuary”

John Leslie Hulcombe “Sanctuary”. Everyone needs a place to hide. May it be from other people, the constant influx of news, or the mundane daily rushing that leaves no space or time for yourself, having a personal little hiding place is as important as it is reinvigorating. That place may not have to be an actual place – for some, it’s making music or drawing, for others it’s putting on headphones and hitting play.

Collaborators on this instrumental Track include Peter Koppes, a long-time member of “The Church” one of Austalia’s most influential bands. Peter is responsible for guitar effects including Gregorian choir and strings as well as guitar solo using e-bow. Drums are performed by one of Australia’s most sought-after percussionist Jackie James Barnes. The track is an instrumental version of my last release “Sanctuary”

John Leslie Hulcombe’s newest single seems to have hit both of those flies at once. Listening to its psychedelia-influenced slow melodies and his honest lyrics from deep within, discussing death, life, and eternity, it’s clear it must have been a cathartic experience writing the song. That energy has seamlessly carried over into the song, opening it up to become a sanctuary allowing listeners to come to hide in. The song’s very fittingly titled “Sanctuary“, a safe haven for open thinking and pondering the essence of living, supported by beautiful soothing instrumentals.

John Leslie press photo "Sanctuary"

One of the most stunning elements is that echoing wailing electric guitar solo in the second half of the song, as it speaks out all that couldn’t be put into lyrics and drives the song straight to an ethereal plane. That also holds a sweet contrast with the singer’s soft and endearing vocals unraveling his thoughts with disarming simple honesty.

For the passionate Australian singer-songwriter, that endless magic of “Sanctuary” proves just how great of a songwriter he really is. This song as well as his previous single “Love Found a Way” were born in collaboration with a fellow Australian Peter Koppes, a guitarist and founding member of the band The Church. As for what the future brings, it’s a mystery, but one thing is for sure – “Sanctuary” is definitely one of the better releases of 2022 so far!

“My music has evolved rapidly since releasing my first single two years ago. From the folk country ballad “Town of Love” and the rocking “Born of the Fire” & pop rock “Love Found a Way” through to the dreamy psychedelic “Sanctuary”. This evolution has been inspired by my sense of spiritually and the responsibility I feel to produce music that hopefully inspires and propagates love ❤️”

John Leslie Hulcombe
John Leslie press photo "Sanctuary!


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