David McKinney- Phaneron

David McKinney’s newest release Phaneron is a recollection of songs about reflections of the times that we have been living on in the recent years. With a retro-like aesthetic and a DIY charm, Phaneron is a deep and playful EP that should be on anyone’s radar.

David McKinney is a singer-songwriter based on Oklahoma City. He has been writing songs since he was thirteen, becoming an important part of the city’s scene since 2004. Inspired by 90’s rock, folk rock and post evangelical new age philosophy, his sound is a blend of acoustic folk with a unique approach to storytelling and thought exploration. In a way, this has helped McKinney to develop his own style throughout his long carreer. His deep, raspy voice is emotive in the sense that it emits his thoughts directly into the listener through medolic fashion and makes his music instantly recognizable. His seven self-released albums have been entirely recorded at home studios, giving them their characteristic DIY sound.

So “Through” is a song I wrote in early 2020. I work in a hospital and times were terrifying and I just wanted to write something affirming and encouraging. That’s where it came from. I recorded it in the sessions for Phaneron about a year later and it’s been a standout from the EP so far. If anyone is hearing me for the first time I like for them to know that it means the world to me to be heard. Our time and attention is so valuable today so to be listened to just completes the music for me. I think of music as a vehicle for human connection, the songs are like little messages in a bottle that hopefully unfold and enrich someone else’s day. David McKinney

Phaneron tells intimate reflections about life in a direct and simple approach. McKinney’s signature DIY approach is found in the way each instrument sounds. With it, comes a sense of charm that makes each and every track of the album a joy to listen to. “Phaneron” serves as an opening statement of this while hinting what is about to come next and traps us with its charisma. Then, McKinney shows the flexibility of his style and guides us through it. He proves that the EP is full of tracks that will surely catch the mind of the listener. From the playfulness of “The Source” to the more darker atmosphere of “Gyri” or the blues rock sound of “Through”, he explores the reach and feelings that his sound is able to convey: a retro-folk rock. Maybe the tracks that best exemplify this is found on the old-time nostalgia of “200Lbs of Usable Timber” or the closing track of the EP “In the Flow” which features a canteen sounding piano that immediately fits with McKinney’s style.

David McKinney has created a characteristic, approachable sound. Phaneron is an EP that serves as an introduction to new fans and as a statement to old fans. Don’t miss it out!

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