The Magic Epic “36”

The Magic Epic is back with new music. The UK-based singer-songwriter began his journey as a releasing artist with “Sally” back in 2021, followed by a slew of singles including “Summer” later that year. This time however, he has something much bigger up his sleeve, and we’re pleased to introduce the artist’s debut full-length release!

For Toby Juan, the creative behind The Magic Epic alias, his debut album is a collection of fond memories. For instance the single “Sally” makes appearance here, a song written in honor of his friend who had gone through so much and came out stronger than ever before. “Summer”, another single with a strong Coldplay-like celebrating vibe, is a memory of a hot summer full of good friends and parties. The album is also a love letter to his home city Brighton, as shown quite clearly by the second song of the album named “Welcome to Brighton”. There’s a cover included, is the soulful rendition of “Take On Me”, which I feel is a beautiful homage to the artist’s time spent busking.

The summery, flowing and soulful sound on the album fits perfectly with the name of the artist, so much that I was for a moment convinced that The Magic Epic was in fact the album’s title. There is a lot of epicness behind many of the memories described in the lyrics as well as his soaring singing voice. That’s combined with the magical instrumentation, sometimes soft, gentle and carried by beautiful melodies, before opening up with a goosebump-inducing full-bodied blast.

“36” is a stunner of a debut album coming with 10 songs full of heartfelt feelings – it even “Starts with a Feeling”, and the whole journey lasts for 36 minutes. Loaded with epic blasts of guitar riffs, soul-transcending vocal performances and warm, sometimes echoing soundscapes, the album makes a perfect companion to take to your own journeys.

You can find him on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, SoundCloud, YouTube, and Spotify. You can also check out his official website.

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