Greg Bounce “Frango Magic EP”

In the dreary year of 2020, a man stuck in a creative block took a chance of the few lockdown-free weeks and left his London home, going aboard to visit Lisbon. He fell in love with that city and its inspiring atmosphere and decided to make it his home. The man is Greg Bounce, an artist who used to be the frontman of Cocoa Futures, and the new home inspired him to pick up songwriting again. Today he is ready to drop his new EP, a homage to a new chapter in his life.


Titled “Frango Magic“, the EP is home to 5 smooth-sounding electronic pop songs, all created during an extended period of songwriting. At the heart they are the sound of an artist rediscovering himself and the importance of music in his life, and that further inspires the dreamy soundscapes building a pleasant vibrant atmosphere to relax and get lost in.

Greg Bounce "Frango Magic EP" artwork

Much like the cover image, the songs on the EP feel like being submerged in the subtle magic whilst exploring a dreamy location with soft edges and fondness building up in your heart. There is a little bit of conscious held-back feelings present in the first single of the release, “Fear That Love”, whilst still holding a caressing sound.

The classic dreamy urban pop vibes pop out especially strong in “Can I Feel” (you can read our review from last year here), with the near-falsetto vocals and spacious sound. “People In The Houses” presents a more minimal and intimate state of dreamy feeling, as if you’re walking a dog during a lockdown along the empty streets, caressed by sunshine. “Graffiti” is the first song of the EP not released as single, and it stuns with beautiful shimmery harps in a melting magical atmosphere, home to some muffled spoken voices. The last song, “Thank U”, is an uplifting song themed around an ending relationship, full of gratitude for the time spent together rather than sulking in negative feelings.

“The end of a relationship can be messy. Or it can be about being grateful for the time spent together.”

Greg Bounce

That’s Greg Bounce’s first EP. His dreamy vibes have already found its way to the hearts of many listeners, especially in Latin America. Quite rightfully so, as his music has that perfect soothing quality to it, a much-needed medicine for all the people suffering in silence.

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