Dizzy Panda “Back to Me”

Dizzy Panda is a name that’s probably familiar for anyone who happened to read this blog in March this year. The Nethlerlands-based artist hiding behind the mysterious panda masks released their debut album that month and introduced listeners to their world of moody dark trip-hop-esque sound. The release was “Panda Points“, depicting the world as seen through the eyes of someone who had been a fish on dry land for way too long. Today they are back with a new release, and this time its a single!

When releasing the album Panda Points you have to decide what tracks are on the album because of licensing and creating the artwork for the physical products. We were in fact still creating new tracks for the album. These 8 tracks fell off the album Panda Points or were created after the date the set list was fixed.

Dizzy Panda

The new song, titled “Back to Me” brings forth the kind of slightly warped and moody atmosphere Dizzy Panda have become very good at. It’s a trip-hop tune at its core, sporting distorted guitar-like synths running along with sharp and crashing yet very well-measured percussion. What really brings out its warped and emotionally thick feeling is the vocals. They sound like they’re sung inside someone’s head, and the lyrics suggest a dangerously unsound state of a woman who was left behind by her lover.

We love Back to Me. It’s quite simple and some might miss a chorus, but we liked it better without a catchy chorus because it’s more mysterious this way. The vocal effect was inspired by the sound of the Black Keys (not their vocals but guitar effect on our vocals).

Dizzy Panda

Just like the songs from the debut album, this single also comes with its own video that takes the story told in the lyrics further. Halfway submerged in water that doesn’t look very warm, the clouded sky and the woman’s facial expressions, they all bring out that unsettling vibe already present in the song. Dizzy Panda also love to use facial recognition software to make people in their videos sing, and that touch is giving the whole thing a particularly eery feeling. A cautionary tale unfolded in a strong full-bodied song that’s by the way entirely sample-based.

“Back to Me” is a single coming from Dizzy Panda’s next album. The upcoming release is set to continue what their debut album started – collecting Panda Points, and the new album its thus named “Panda Bonus Points”.

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