This power trio came together trough Clint Lowery’s (Sevendust) Patreon Group, now, they debut with a powerful single of chugging, face-melting guitar riffs. “Suffocated” is a brutal Metal/Rock response to struggles in life, with a strong desire to push on through. OUT NOW!!!

Do you remember GABRIEL? A 17 yo guitar shredder who released his single Fall Apart on the blog? Well, apparently he’s been busy as he is now part of a brand new band called Bleeding Sun. Ken, Brett, and Gabriel all met thanks to Patreon, where they began sharing demos and riffs, quickly becoming aware that this may be the opportunity they were looking for. The opportunity to create an original metal band with other musicians who share the same musical influences, vocabulary, and work ethic.

A farmer, a sales rep, and a college student walk into a bar… It was actually a garage, but this is not a joke.

“Suffocated” is the USA band’s debut single and it’s inspired by a rough time that singer Brett went through…

“Over the last year or two, there’s been a lot of lows in my life. This song is about those struggles and how life can take so much away from you so fast, it leaves you feeling Suffocated,” – Brett.

The track is a mix of rock and metal, with clean, melodic vocals; mean drums and bass; and a ten ton hammer of heavy guitar riffs. Its style may be compared with bands such as Sevendust, Alice in Chains, or Alter Bridge. It was created to help others overcome harsh experiences and pull themselves out of their dark hole.

Bleeding Sun is preparing their first album which will be released in 2023, so you can expect a steady release of singles, various videos, and a lot of interactive content this 2022!

“Music is story-telling, it can be an escape, it can inspire, and it can pull you out of a dark place. The best music comes from the heart and it connects. This is the community we want to build with our fans.”
— Bleeding Sun

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