The Austrian duo returns with a new, futuristic Indietronica single. With bass as deep as hell, electronic drums, and vocoded vocals, “Twin Moons/Bearwolf, Pt. 1” is a funkadelic endeavour through psychedelic synths and Future-Wave landscapes inspired by Haruki Murakami.

Hello everyone! Welcome back to this humble blog where we care about delivering to you only the best underground music out there. Today we will talk about one of my favorite new music enterprises, My Friend The Chimpanzee!

After the release of their first two singles: Time Traveler and I Love This Place, the duo, comprised of producers Josef Umschaid (drums and fx) and Lukas Wieser (strings and synths), is making a great comeback this May 20th with another synth-dominated single that teleports us to outer-space.

Just like most of their singles, “Twin Moons/Bearwolf, Pt. 1” was born from experimentation on an analog synth. The result is an extravagant/danceable tune that explodes with colors and vibrations in an epic way. With a mean kick and a (very) low bass setting the foundation, the song is garnished with a variety of spatial synths and bells. The vocoded vocals are sweet and melodic, with lyrics inspired by 1Q84 of Haruki Murakami.

This is also the first single mixed by MFTC’s very own Josef Umschaid, and he did a tremendous work at balancing each sound! The song flows seamlessly and the beat never looses focus. Without a doubt, this is MFTC’s most ambitious track up-to-date.

“The first element of the song we wrote was the intro lead synth, which we at first wanted to use as a bass (of course two octaves deeper). The vocal melodies were re-written a few times until we began experimenting with a vocoder to supplement the vocals in the verse.

Because there’s so much going on, it was really difficult to find the right place for everything and make it come together. Thematically, the lyrics draw their inspiration from Haruki Murakami’s brilliant novel 1q84. The twin moons that characterize the parallel universe in the story gave the song its name and inspired us to produce an alternate (or parallel) version of the track.” – MFTC

The band still plans to release plenty more music in 2022. The alternate version for this title will be released in June, and they hope to release another song in July. It’s no secret that this guys like to keep themselves busy, so stay tuned to follow their cosmical trail, and of course hit that play button!

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