Paraphon “Miles”

Today we go to Switzerland, the country home to a duo named Paraphon. The sparkling synth pop duo have a new single ready, and that song walks us into the world of crushes. Its not always as pretty as you might have thought!

Paraphon is an electronic project running on the duo’s fascination for synths and drum machines. Exploring both the digital and analog worlds synths provide, the Swiss duo creates music that runs across the board both mood- and soundwise. There is a retro vibe layered with a strong futuristic sheen, and the result is music that is a pleasure to listen to, as well as a great foundation for all stories the duo have to tell.

“We transformed a room in our flat into a small music oasis with loads of synths, creating our tracks all by ourselves in evening sessions after our regular work times. Luckily, none of our neighbours have complained yet about the noise/music we make;) Most of our songs are recorded as live-jams and performed live in the moment. We mainly find inspiration in creating sounds with our synths and in pop culture. The result is a mix of synthpop, electronica and synthwave which sometimes results in pop songs and sometimes leans more towards the atmospheric side.”


That retrofuturistic synthdriven sound is a perfect backdrop for their newest single “Miles“, a song with a story taking place in a busy city which never sleeps. And neither does the song’s character, a teen girl lying awake at night. The streets outside may be busy in an eternal sort of way, but her mind is much busier, revolving around a person she has a serious crush on. The imagery painted by the single is supported further by the accompanying video which features a healthy slew of nighttime clips ranging from busy streets and even traffic jams (at night!) to a man drawing his curtains and staring out at the city silhouette, longing for something beyond his understanding.

The nocturnal dreamy song with sweet sweeping synth sounds is in its own way a precautionary tale on the often hidden woes of crushing. We see the girl of the song slip deep into the state of crushing, being consumed by someone who doesn’t have the same feelings in return, or worse, doesn’t even know she exists. The synth jabs are like the shiny billboards and street lamps under black skies and together with the vocals they reflect light on that quiet suffering from love that never let her sleep. Instead, like moths attracted to streetlights, it’s an endless dance around the crush.

“Basically it all started with the main synth sound. We kind of got the main synth sound down and felt like it reflects 80s nostalgia and reminds us of cheesy sad lovestories (because the synth sound is also quite cheesy). From there on, we created a small story of a teenage girl who has an immesurable crush and wants to, by any means, visit her crush, whether it be rain, night, or anything else. This creates a restlessness in the girl which never really ends – it makes her feel “half alive”, the admiration for her crush is not really returned since his view is never shared. Thus, the love literally crushes her, making her half alive, half in another world, dreaming after a life with her crush. The music video, which was by the way a rather spontaneous self-made video, reflects this restlessness through various moving pictures of cities which never sleep – everything, every city, every house, every human being, every emotion is always in action, always moving or being moved.”


Miles is OUT NOW!!!, so you can listen right away this fresh single. The dancy synthtronica might become the perfect fit for sleepless summer nights spent in a town with busy nightlife!

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