Skar de Line premier a very interesting track “Reset”

This London-based artist takes us on a cinematic experience that explores the most primal nature of human beings, and the constant cycle of destruction, creation, and repetition. “Reset” by Skar de Line is an electronica-infused orchestral track that evolves and expands with a chaotic and ancestral nature.

Well, hello my friends! It is finally Friday and today we will talk about a very, very interesting track by British artist, Skar de Line. “Reset”, just released, yep another brand new track for you, is a completely immersive experience filled with orchestral, cinematic, and electronic characteristics. It is a track that begins with a human’s most natural and primal state of being: Breath.

Skar de Line, a London-based artist who was born and raised in Sweden, is as much a musician, as he is a filmmaker. Inspired by cinematic soundtracks, hip-hop, and electronic metal, he began an autobiographical suite of music that will dig into Skar’s deepest mind and ideas. “Reset” is the first track.

The whole ethos behind “Reset” is, first of all, to center around breath, grounding the experience in the most human place there is Survival. Second of all, the cognition of breaking free, being more, being a better version of yourself by getting rid of your old self to metaphorically climb out of whatever holds you back.

A very interesting concept for a track, which will be accompanied by a cinematic music video, written, directed, and edited by Skar de Line himself. Through his vision, you will be able to observe how the artist perceives the whole process of killing his old self and being reborn. But, as he very well makes clear: He’s not a killer, he’s a maker.


You can expect a dark ambience, an ever-evolving composition, pulsating synths, menacing drones, ghastly echoes, and percussion that throws us into a tribal experience where war, fight, death, and live collide with each other into a self-destructive dance.

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