Tasha Blackmore “Brown Eyes”

Sometimes, love is like an addiction. You meet a person and deep down you know this is not going to end well for you, for a variety of reasons you still proceed. Call it hunger of affection, giving someone another change, or just being a fool who can’t understand why the whole thing feels so wrong, the echoes in the back of your mind do not cease. Instead today they have found a new way to warn you, and that’s through a new song by Tasha Blackmore.

Living in Northumberland, UK, Tasha Blackmore is a bright-eyed singer-songwriter effortlessly weaving warm and vigorous sound of country meets pop with storyteller lyrics. Those stories come from the artists own experiences and feelings, packing her songs with a tale most relevant. For instance last year she released “Last Goodbye“, a song about finding the inner strength and cut ties with anything that had gone stale, as well as “High Time“, a delightful tune about emerging stronger than you were before from a bad relationship. You can listen and learn, or alternatively you can listen and make peace with whatever went wrong in the past.

Her newest single continues the string of cautionary tales. Introducing the “Brown Eyes” that promise nothing but trouble, the song swirls like the echoing sounds of love, desire and wariness inside the person’s mind. Sparkling guitar riffs, driving percussion and her smooth glorious vocals set stage for hypnotising state of thrill and love, in which the song’s character tries to find a way to break free from the spell cast by those eyes she had just gazed in. Not quite successfully, let me tell you that!

“I wrote Brown Eyes around 9 years ago and I’m really excited to finally release it! Brown Eyes is a song about falling for someone you know deep down is bad for you. You already know the second you set eyes on them, it’s going to end with your heart broken and their heart just fine, yet you can’t turn away from them.

Brown Eyes is the first single I’ve released that has a guitar-driven pop-rock sound. I chose this sound as I feel is describes the lust, chaos, anxiety and the echoes in your mind that comes with encountering the same kind of connection with someone.”

Tasha Blackmore

“Brown Eyes” is also the first single to kick off 2022 for Tasha Blackmore, and when asked what else the artist has coming up, she revealed to have a pretty busy schedule:

“This single is the first of several upcoming releases in 2022, each coupled with their own unique sound, fitting with the sentiment of the song.”

Tasha Blackmore

Exciting times for anyone who loves a good blend of country and pop together with the warm earthly feeling that combination brings, as well as wonderful female vocals!

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