The Qwarks return with another fantastic psychedelic music experience of vintage-rock-inspired riffs and eccentric lyricism. “Dog Ate My Homework” is fun, catchy, experimental, and bonkers. Listen right now!

Another of my favorite new bands has re-emerged to the surface to deliver what is their second song from their upcoming album, soon to be released this Autumn. After covering the topic of social media and its consequences in You Are Not Fans (You Are Our Friends), and fighting the struggles of getting a gig in Throne Of Your Grace, The Qwarks now fall into a rabbit loop-hole of “cats living in sin”, and people “rolling down the stairs” in what could be a track straight out of Alice in Wonderland.

The track was conceived and recorded in a studio about 30 miles from Southampton, with a magical garden of feral cats and floral wonders, under a full moon and starry skies. Phil Johnstone (vocals guitars) believes that the song was delivered to him in the garden by an unknowable mysterious source. He hates to admit this in public though, and calls it spiritual mumbo jumbo and starts talking about football if this is brought up.

The song is a stream of consciousness, the words poured out in a ten-minute reverie in a whirl wind of British garden-based psychedelia.

The track, filled with brainy riffs, bounces in a funky beat and mind-bending lyricism, leaving more questions than answers. Even the band itself aren’t completely sure what the song means. Will we ever know? Or will it be yet another mystery left unsolved?

Psychedelia and Rock mixed together in a unique way, (or may I say, in a Zappa way), with big choruses and Pop sensibilities that takes us out of our comfort zone and make us go “Hmm”…

The single again sees the Qwarks collaborate with film maker Stuart Macleod for a dog-filled extravaganza. The footage was crowd sourced from the Qwarks fanbase who kindly sent in footage of their dogs to contribute to the video. The Qwarks once again scared their neighbours, this time dressing up as dogs to contribute to the video.

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