Holly Wild “Thrill of It”

As summer approaches slowly, but surely, the warm weather inspires a whole new wave of adrenaline fueled by dancing with the danger. May it be doing extreme sports or playing the flirting game with someone you shouldn’t be with, the excitement laced with naughtiness is represented by Holly Wild’s brand new single!

Thrill of it is about the chemistry that you feel with someone that you shouldn’t, but there is an addictive electrification that you get when you are with them, and you can’t stay away. You know you should, but you don’t. It’s a type of torture, a self punishment that you put yourself through when you are with them because you know you can’t be with them, but the pain feels so good that you don’t turn away.

Holly Wild

Summery and airy, “Thrill of It” is a song connects with all the thrillseekers, feeding off the adrenaline to the point of recklessness. Flowing ethereal soundscapes surround Holly’s beautiful pop vocals aching for dangerous passion to take over and fill with the sheer feeling of being alive. The song is a perfect summer single, that you can enjoy right away.

Like a moth drawn to the flame, its human nature to be attracted to the excitement when there’s an element of danger. It awakens something that’s been dormant inside of you, and makes you feel alive.

Holly Wild

Holly Wild is an Australian singer-songwriter with a smooth nearly hypnotic voice, and the songs she create carry that hypnotizing quality well. Lyrically she is open-hearted and seeking for a deep connection, running on sweet toe-tapping beat that gets people up and dancing, and magical shimmering melodies that envelop with the vision of an endless summer with no room for worries and sadness.

Out now, you can push that play button right away!!!
The artist is also working on her new EP that’s due in the second half of 2022.

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