This French duo is debuting with a fantastic single of haunting melodies that’ll give you the chills. “Purple Dress” is a track perfectly fitted for all you darkness lovers thanks to its spooky elements, bone-chilling frequencies, and malevolent chants.

Sabrina and Tatiana met each other in 2018 while playing in Astrolab, a post-rock, shoe-gaze, Indie-Rock band. Soon they discovered that they both shared a love for the same attraction for dark and melancholic atmospheres through their musical, cinematographic and artistic references.

Now, in 2020, the French artists have come together to create Divine Decadence, a dark musical universe with a “retro underground” atmosphere that gives you the creeps and hypnotizes you with its gloomy vibe!

“Purple Dress” could have been taken from The Crow movie, or a horror thriller. It is a dark, somber and elegant piece of music that embraces you with a cold caress and leads you into the horror of echoing guitars and heavy synths.

Purple Dress is about a mysterious dark woman, a kind of chameleon. She doesn’t care what people say or think. She waits for the right moment to set herself free and to become who she really is, whatever it costs. The rhythm of this track reminds one of a tango in order to underline the fierce sensuality and the strength of the character. Also, purple is one of my favorite color so that’s why it came first to my mind when I wrote this song.” – Tatiana

Its rhythmic drums put you into a trance while the singer delivers her sinful spell of madness. Chaos and conflict arise. Dissonant melodies crash into each other and create an uncanny sensation under a gritty atmosphere. Fierce guitars and smashing drums are added to the mix. Broken melodies are tethered together to build a ghostly dance that pulls you in and doesn’t let go.

The band expanded in March 2022 as they welcomed Chris B. (Corpus Delicti) on bass and Chris D. on drums (Dead Fly Dance). They will continue to release singles in June and September, as well as their debut 5-track EP both digital and in CD. They’re currently preparing to perform on stage in 2023.

For someone who discovers our music, we can say that it is rather dark, soaring and bewitching with aggressive guitars and soft melodies. We like to say that our style is “retro underground” because our favorite inspirations come mainly from the counter culture of the 60s and 70s.

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