A very sweet and gentle Alternative/Indie-Rock track, “Crazy Heart” captivates with a smooth sound and humane lyrics. A song about the sudden changes in life, and how the best thing we can do to face them is to just let us go. Listen now!

Hi everybody, welcome back! It’s finally Friday and today we have the perfect track to get you in a good mood. Wether your starting your day, or finishing it, this single is the perfect feel-good song, ready to be added to your playlists!

Metrophobia is a Swiss duo created by singer Markus Gmür, and Spanish musician José Garrido (guitar, bass, drums programming). The two of them met each other a long time ago, back then they created a couple of projects together. Fast forward till 2021, the international duo reunited to create their debut album “Silent Treatment”, released the 13 August.

They are mainly influenced by the independent scene of the 90’s. Bands like Pixies, Teenage Fanclub, Dinosaur Jr, Ride, and Pavement go on the list of their favorite artists. As you may be able to tell, Alternative rock, noisy pop, indie rock, punk-rock and grunge, are some of the genres that predominate Metrophobia’s sound.

“Crazy Heart” is a beautiful song filled with a guitar wall of sound, steady drums and a round bass. The vocals are soft, with almost an innocent vibe. Lyrics tell the story of a man who finds himself in a strange and new position, I wasn’t quite able to determine which, but something tells me maybe it’s the welcoming of a son or a love partner to his life.

“There are times when life takes you to situations you didn’t expect. It disarms you and you have no choice but to let yourself go. Destiny is like a river and sometimes it’s just easier to go with the flow.” – Metrophobia

For those of you who are wondering, “Metrophobia” stands for a rare kind of phobia towards poetry. Now, that’s interesting! Anyways, this track feels very humane, and comes with a clean, professional sound, so make sure you give it a listen! Have a great weekend!

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