This track is an emotional ride where big drums and acoustic guitars converge together to deliver a nostalgic and hopeful ambience. With a well balanced sound, Feeble’s new single strikes directly into our feelings. LISTEN NOW!

Alright guys, be sure to grab a Kleenex ’cause you’re probably gonna need it after hearing this track. Unconventional to feeble’s usual songwriting, this track is a romantic song about love and all the things you’d do for your partner just to keep her/him safe.

“For You” hits right in the feels with its soft ballad, a warm and intimate track filled with celestial pads, and church-like synths. Slow-paced and inspired by the work of Ethan Gruska, this single invites us to swing and sway while singing to our dear loved ones.

Feeble is the solo project of Swedish musician Stefan Ekenberg. Stefan has played in several bands, mostly drums and guitars, but also vocals. The project, born in the 1990’s as a trip-hop band, disappeared from the music scene in 2010. In wasn’t until 2020 when feeble was reborn as an acoustic project that produced three singles: “Heartland”, “A Few Minutes More” and “What If”.

Later on, feeble evolved using influences from the past, as well as modern sounds from the likes of Nathan Gruska. This led to the releasing of two more singles, “Time Is Slow”, and “I Am Here”. Now, with this brand new single, Stefan shows his most sensitive side and delights us with a sweet, sweet ode to love.

I believe music is all about emotions. If you can’t express emotion in music it’s just a stack of notes. I try to tell a story and the vocals, instruments, and mixing are just tools for bringing emotion to that story. For you is, unconventional for me, a love song. It’s about the struggle of true love. Usually my lyrics are sad. But this is as happy as it gets in my song writing.” – feeble

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