Russel Joslin gathers all the subtleties of melancholia and wraps them up within his brand new single. “Evidence” is a downtempo, Electro-Folk track filled with deep melodies and vulnerable vocals. Listen now!

Hello there! Is another New Music Friday and I hope you’ve been enjoying the latest releases so far, I know I have! Today we have a song that takes us on a mystery ride. The subtle melodic nuances of “Evidence” are there for us to find them, carefully selected and crafted by this London-based artist.

Russel Joslin & High Black Water is a new project from the UK created in 2020. Departing from Russel’s former stripped back acoustic-based folk sound, the artist now hovers into a more experimental stage with “as few barriers as possible”.

After releasing the post-punk influenced single “Streetfight“, the Londoner now returns with a more emotive and slower-paced track where harmonies are key. The “electro-folk” single presents itself with a saddened guitar melody that was specifically recorded to sound “underwater” using a Lesley speaker.

Vintage synths and ambience pads appear here and there in a ver minimalistic way, giving priority to Russel’s vocals who are later joined by his long-term singing partner and fiancée Sarah McCaig (Russell Joslin & Sarah McCaig). The special appearance of bassist/long-time collaborator Rolfin Nyhus (High Windows, Clapton Fox) gives further depth to the song’s tale of an early morning urban exhaustion, polluted sunrises, and a desperate desire to find beauty in a city environment which feels increasingly pressured and congested.

‘I wrote most of the lyrics to Evidence in London, around 5/6am in the UK winter, jet-lagged and unable to sleep after a returning from an Australian summer trip to visit Sarah’s family. I felt lucky to have been on the trip, preparing to re-enter a cold London and desperate to find beauty in the environment we had returned to. I stepped out into our yard, which overlooked London rooftops, as the city was waking up. I had tanned skin but was breathing freezing air. Lights were slowly flicking on in people’s bedrooms as the sun struggled to come up in the haze.’ – Russel Joslin

The song also comes with a self-made music video recorded by Joslin himself inspired by the urban exploration work of John Rogers, Nick Papadimitriou and modern psychogeography in general.

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