The Congregation – “Lie To Me”

The preacher of Rock & Roll, Clayton Bellamy, is back with a new and exciting project that will get you on your knees and pray for salvation. The Congregation sounds like an army of angels, shredding away until the end of days. “Lie To Me” is a tremendous Rock track with a massive sound. Listen now!

Well, hello! I hope y’all sinners out there are ready for this track! The bells have been tolled, and the hour of repentance is nigh. Shake your bones and body to the evangelic rhythm of The Congregation’s new single: “Lie To Me”. All aboard towards musical salvation!

“Born out of the belly of the South in the blackest swamp in the Delta. Baptized in Rock n Roll and bathed in the Truth. Covered in the Holy Spirit and Voodoo magic. Raised to do one thing and one thing only, deliver the good news of Peace, Love, and Rock n Roll and raise up the people of the world to join the Congregation…”

Clayton Bellamy

The Congregation is the new project of multi-award winning songwriter Clayton Bellamy, whose numerous projects have sold over half a million copies worldwide. Hallelujah! This next step for Mr. Bellamy was co-produced by (another) multi-award winner Dan Davidson and (yet, another) HMA winner Dan Weller (Enter Shikari, Sikth). We could fill a room with all the trophies this guys have!

The track is an absolute banger. Growling guitars and bass, massive drums, powerful vocals, exciting lyrics, rhythms that make you wanna lose control and just break away from the monotony! “Lie To Me” is one of the best releases we’ve had recently and you can NOT miss it!

Bellamy sings about love, and all the depraved things we will do to keep it. The level of production is out of the park, with loads of fuzzy riffs and distorted vocals, all perfectly balanced and mixed by the skillful ear of (ANOTHER) grammy winner Adrian Bushby (Foo Fighters, Muse). There are so many award winners embedded in this track that there’s no surprise it sounds so amazing. Horns up!

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