The outstanding Charlotte Hall is making an amazing comeback with her brand new, 80’s infused single. “Plastic Heart” is a modern single with Classic Rock characteristics and Pop sensibilities, a track that lyrically condemns the selfish actions of a partner, accusing them of being fake/untrue.

Hey guys! Always a pleasure to have you back. I hope you’re having an amazing Friday and enjoying this new weekend. We’re kicking off with a very well produced track. The British dynamic duo of singer/songwriter Charlotte Hall, and producer Tom Orrell have, yet again, delivered a sensational piece of music.

“Plastic Heart” carries an up-beat tempo reminiscent of the 80’s with tight drums, solid bass, and vintage analog synths. A crisp guitar delivers the opening riff, while Charlotte’s vocals (neat as ever) sing about the challenge of being fooled by a partner, someone who only flirts and uses you to bolster their ego, but has no real intentions of dating you.

“I was inspired to write a song with a prominent riff after listening to “She Bangs The Drums” by The Stone Roses and came up with the opening riff first.” – Charlotte Hall

The song is charming, and overall (despite the theme of the lyrics) the track feels uplifting and with a brave spirit. The quality of the recordings are top-notch, and the mix puts every instrument in its place, letting Charlotte’s vocal shine. You may be able to hear some Fleetwood Mac influences over it!

People have compared Charlotte Hall’s vocals with Amy Lee and Sheryl Crow, and they wouldn’t be wrong. This singer has huge amounts of talent which of course haven’t gone unnoticed. And Tom truly finishes to give life to Charlotte’s sound. Great team!

With this single the artist intends to remind people that it is important to establish boundaries, and to let go of people when they’re not being reciprocal, or even mistreating you, instead of waiting for them to change.

More often than not their actions are premeditated and they have little to no respect for you as a person. You deserve to be treated better and putting boundaries into practice will make people respect you more when it does come to intimate and romantic relationships.” – Charlotte Hall

The track will come with a B-side titled “Lady Love”, a follow up song about letting go of someone who is using you for physical reasons only.

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