Jacob Rountree- As I See It

With a mix of psychedelia and folk rock, the new album As I See It by singer songwriter Jacob Rountree has created a deep and multi-textured work full of unique moods and sounds that range from complex guitar, melancholic string melodies, angelic harmonic vocals, prehistoric percussions and honest, touching vocals. The result is an emotional journey like none other, as if watching the starts go by in the night sky. As I See It is a testament about how music changes our perception of space and time.

“The album is self recorded, self produced. I collaborated with several local artists some songs as well as play very instrument on some of the songs. The title “As I See It” is an ode to Albert Einsteins book “The World As I See It.” Jacob Roundtree

Jacob Rountree is a singer-songwriter whose sound may be described as alternative folk rock. Rountree’s music has the characteristic, homey feel of folk rock, and yet expands the arsenal of sounds of folk through his instrumentation and production techniques, as he gives his tracks a little touch of electricity, which allows them to sound unique and full of personality. As such, one will find in Rountree’s music a tiny hint of 60’s psychedelia observable in his experimentation with his rhythmic approach that hypnotizes the listener, driving them into a trance, like state. But Jacob Rountree’s sound is enhanced by a great degree by his bandmates: Cole Thorne in the backing vocals and mixed percussions, Alex Speed in the guitar and backing vocals and Andrew Olivo in the bass. Together, they make each of the tracks of As I See It something out of this world.

This is important to me because I was a mechanical engineer starting up two tech companies as well as pursuing music while recording and writing this album

As I See It features a variety of moods from calming, melancholic tracks to other ones that make you want to dance your heart out, to others that features a mix of both. The melancholy of tracks such as “Common Tongue” or “Only You”, whose interaction between each element of the track creates a haunting atmosphere of the past, with its distant strings and its heavy vocals, are some of the album’s slower, emotional tracks. On the other side, one can find tracks such as “Set a Fire”, “Definitions”, “Walk A Mile” and “Lost In You”, which feature a strong rhythmic section in not only the percussions, but all instruments as well. A catchy beat that drives the main emotions forward, as if driving smoothly by a highway. And even more, there are tracks that transform from moment to moment: “Vertigo” introduces a psychedelic touch in its final moments, a downwards spiral that does not stop; “Halcyon” plays around the idea of strings singing as if they were backing vocals that, while melancholic at first, become a vivid and pleasant memory as the track gains intensity with the introduction of the percussions; “Neon” begins as an abtract soundscape that develops into a full on blues track; and “The Fighter”, a track whose emotional intensity slowly rises until it reaches a climax as Rountree’s vocals and the strings sing together. As such, Rountree shows how far his voice, his lyrics and his composing style may go. It has already gone far judging by his last releases, but As I See It proves it can go even further.

As I See It is a collection of tracks that cover personal thoughts, ideas and experiences. Jacob Rountree has an honest music style that corresponds with equally authentic and personal lyrics. If you are up for an unforgettable journey, you need to give it a listen!

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