Aldís Fjóla’s outstanding in “Burn”

This Icelandic singer will leave you perplexed after you listen to her outstanding voice. “Burn” by Aldís Fjóla is a heavy banger inspired by Grunge Rock music, a symphony of destruction that plays with fire. Listen now!


Aldís Fjóla will most probably leave a mark in you after you listen to her music. Beginning her career at 10 years old in a singing contest, the Borgarfjörður eystra farmgirl launched herself into a serious mission of writing dramatic lyrics, channeling all the pain inside.

Inspired by bands like Skunk Anansie, Pearl Jam, No doubt and Alanis Morisette, Aldís wished to experience that raw pain at 16 years old, just to be able to write those words down. It wasn’t until recent years, when she started to collaborate with the talented Stefán Örn Gunnlaugsson, a musician and engineer who have life to Aldís’ music.

After a string of single releases since 2018, her first album, Shadows, was released in 2020, and now the Icelander returns with a new single which precedes her next album this 2022. The single, “Burn”, is a gritty and powerful dark Rock track with 90’s characteristics that would make it perfectly fit for the movie “The Crow”.

This song is written by me and Stefan Örn Gunnlaugsson and the lyrics are by me. Burn helped me find my way and the lyrics reflect that. I am basically talking to myself about daring to live my life like I want to, no matter what the society, people around me and the culture tells me to do. We don’t all have to work for others, break our backs in a “normal” job, if you find the job that you are happy in, that is the right one.” – Aldís Fjóla

Riffs of high-gain guitars, smashing hits of the drums, solid bass lines and Aldís’ obscure and melodic voice make of this track a pretty cool listening experience for the lover of the genre. Her voice is not what one would expect for a female singer, it is actually really deep and profound, as if it was crafted under the melting heat of the blacksmith’s hammer.

Without a doubt, the singer has a unique and powerful voice that fits perfectly into the realms of heavy music. “Burn” is a solid track that leaves us wanting for more, luckily there’s a lot of Aldís music left to discover!

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