Ainsley Costello “Two Ships”

In March this year, a young artist released a single “Little Sister“, highlighting the undoable expectations plastered on her and young people in general and the damage they cause. Today she is back, having just turned 18, and she has a brand new single up her sleeve. This time it’s a cinematic breakup song that really shows the destructive side of a relationship going down.

The single is aptly titled “Two Ships“, which are about to sink together. The emotional pop rock song that begins as an evocative ballad with deep atmospheric instrumentation, slowly builds intensity until it becomes a powerful rock anthem marking the sudden and fast end of a relationship. The single ends in a perfect storm, sparked by instrumental solo and giving a nod to Billie Eilish, one of Costello’s bigger inspirations in the making of this song. The song spins up a fury of emotions like a raging whirlwind, and when it ends, there’s nothing left on the scene. The pair of ships have gone under, the fear of losing someone become a reality.

Ainsley Costello is a young artist who despite her age has already quite a discography of music. “Two Ships”, the LA pop rock infused single, becomes a new pearl in it displaying her artistry. That especially, considering this storming and emotionally powerful song came from a pen of someone who has yet to fall in love and hasn’t had her heart broken yet.

If you love powerful emotional and cinematic pop rock, “Two Ships” is a must-listen.
In fact, listen to the song NOW!!!

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  1. The part is “The single ends in a perfect storm, sparked by instrumental solo” is great.

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