The Lunar Keys – “Oxygen Type”

This marvelous Rock track gets your pace going with explosive rhythms and high-energy guitars. Make no mistake, “Oxygen Type” WILL make you sweat with its exciting beat and beautiful vocal harmonies. OUT NOW! (RD: 10/06/22)

Hello everybody! And welcome back once again to your favorite music blog. Today I will leave you craving for the release of UK’s The Lunar Keys‘ new single! What an emotional ride have this four musicians brought to us. With a massive amount of energy, “Oxygen Type” wants to convey the feelings of being on a high and rushing into the night with total excitement, with the conviction of living every breath of a prospective night out to the maximum. Hell yeah!

The track is a powerful Alt-Rock track that reminds us of bands like QOTSA or even Foo Fighters. It’s an explosion of energy and a gritty Rock N Roll experience. Starting with the high-gained guitars, riffing out their way into the verse, and the hard/skipping beat of the drums that hit like on a rampage.

The vocals are very melodious, with spot on harmonies that add a lot of taste and richness to both verses and chorus. A pre-chorus continues with an outta-the-park delivery, moving fast into the high-reaching chorus.

A chanting bridge invites us to breathe in and breath out, just like a cardio workout. An epic guitar solo appears. The song moves strongly into its finale. Now you’re all pumped and sweaty. This track must be amazing live!

The Lunar Keys completed their line-up in 2020 and have been writing, rehearsing and recording in London and Guilford Studios for their upcoming releases and live shows. So stay tuned and go check them out!

“This track is the first of a busier release schedule this year with more Gigs and more Lunar Stuff happening. It’s also the first track where we’ve all been the big London Studio studio as a complete band together recording it as live as possible to capture the energy. It’s out June 10th (on all platforms) followed by three more tracks.” – TLK

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