A phenomenal delivery by this American band that makes us dream with hope and lucidity. The sensations and emotions this track brings are pure and honest, a beautiful cathartic experience of musical wonder. LISTEN NOW

Few songs make us feel like “Business Casual”. Even less carry the professional sound of which it comes with. Grown Bones, a musical quartet from Parkersburg, USA, have melted Indie vibes from the 90’s, noise rock, bedroom pop, and shoegaze into a cerebral overload of sonic experimentation.

What a profound experience can be had after listening to their single. The sounds, the melody, the composition. The overall sense of longing. The lack of overdoing. Simple, explosive, evolving and effective, is what this song is! An amazing manifestation of art that doses us with well-being and amazement.

Powerful drums, sensitive vocals, washy waves of sound and melody, igniting bass. All these elements come together to create an hypnotic experience of flow, wonder and self-reflection. A bittersweet single about the emptiness of burnout and the longing for freedom therein.

Business Casual was written right after we finished and released their full length “idk where u go, just stay here”. I was feeling pretty burnt out from constantly working between my day job and the record. This song is the result of the first couple times I picked up my guitar and played for fun after all that, falling back in love with the craft for the reasons I originally did as a kid.”

– Grown Bones

Grown Bones is now preparing for the next step in their musical trajectory. A new single is coming soon! Their next song, titled “Norma”  (named after a bass that used to be owned by drummer Chad Ridgway) will be a coming-of-age lament, and their third single-release in their ongoing 2022 schedule! You can PRE-SAVE IT NOW! (RD: 30/06/22).

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