B of Briz – “What Would Buffy Do?”

This new Bristol-based artist is set to make an interesting debut with her brand new single, “What Would Buffy Do?”. An experimental rap track that challenges both musically and lyrically, and acknowledges the wonderful acts of wonderful women who try and help others live their life to the fullest. LISTEN NOW!

B of Briz is a new rising rap artist with a very interesting background. Her artist name refers to the city of Bristol, UK, a place full of experimental beats and unusual perspectives. B’s music embodies that, and also uses her philosophic knowledge (B of Briz has a PhD in Philosophy) to make weird, witchy, alternative hip-hop. Outstanding!

Listeners can expect organic, powerful beats, and some of the most unique, lyrical rap they’ve heard. The vibe is witchy, boho, philosophical.

The beat in this single is truly experimental, standing more over the line of minimalism. Very few musical elements can be perceived, most of them percussive, leaving space for the artist’s lyrics which, by the way, are pretty good and witfuly written.

As a feminist, B of Briz uses all of her perception and wisdom to curate fire verses, most of them supporting her genre and challenging the patriarchy. She explores themes like life, women’s values and their place in the world. There’s that unmistakable “Bristol” sound to her voice and flow which I’ve always found very appealing, and the musical experimentation of the beat creates a refreshing sound in the musical time-line.

‘What Would Buffy Do?’ is about how understanding the contours of someone else’s life, understanding their struggle to live a good life, can be really useful, even if that person is fictional! It’s particularly about how these ‘exemplars’ are important when the stories of people in your group- in this case women – are not told very widely. When I first ‘met’ Buffy, as a teenager in the 90s, there just weren’t that many stories that gave us this kind of nuanced portrayal of girlhood. It meant the world to me. – B of Briz

This is her debut single, which will be later followed by her debut EP ‘Forty-two’, named like that after the artist’ decision to start sharing her music by her forty second birthday. She intends to release a concept album in the future, but for her first EP she wanted to create more of an introduction to her and her perspective to the world.

B of Biz uses a mask, not to hide, but as a way to fully present herself in full earnest vulnerability as an artist.

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