Jennifer Alvarado – “Rock This Way”

This singer/songwriter from Vale, North Carolina is releasing a tribute for all of her favorite rock songs in “Rock This Way“, a party Rock anthem with a Country foundation that will have you singing along in no time.

Writing songs since she was 4 years old, American singer/songwriter Jennifer Alvarado has had a broad collection of achievements including the release of her first single “Relentlessly” back in 2015, followed by her first Christian album “Hello Life” that consisted of 13 original songs.

She has a strong love both for music and for God. Being the worship leader in her church, Jennifer felt a call to Ministry. Her music is inspired by Pop, religion, and her Country roots, which she returned to in 2020 with her single “I Break Things”.

In April 2021 Jennifer released her first Country EP titled “Playing With Fire” and she is currently working on her second album “Songbird” that will be released in Spring 2022. As you can tell, Jennifer has been very busy working on her music, and it hasn’t go unnoticed, as she has received several awards and nominations.

Her voice is sweet and with Pop sensibilities but with a clear Country foundation. She mixes Blues with a Country Rock sound that very much defines her, and “Rock This Way” is not the exception. This single carries a downtempo pace with steady rhythm guitars, and a solid drum/bass relationship. Jennifer’s melodic vocals deliver a warm and youthful essence to the track, while stereo choirs chant in response.

The track is an anthemic tribute for all the classic rock songs that have inspired Jennifer over the years, and she wanted to write a song with which people can have fun singing along to. So, if you’re into the Country/Pop/Rock genre we highly encourage you to hit that PRE-SAVE button!

“The funny thing is, I created a Spotify playlist to go along with “Rock This Way” so others can figure out the references, but I am still finding additional tie ins and surprising myself.”

Jennifer Alvarado

“For anyone that has never listened to my music, expect there to be some truth to it. I write from experience. I want my music to be authentic because I believe being real is the only way to really connect with someone.”

Jennifer Alvarado

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