This Seattle-based Indie Rock artist is set to rock your world with his infectious groove and catchy melodies. “You Were The One” encompasses all of the energy from bands like The Kinks and Arctic Monkeys, and mixes it up with opened-heart lyricism. Listen now!!

Cooper Castelle is a singer songwriter from USA who likes to mix genres like Indie Pop, Indie Rock, and Alternative. His playful sound and honesty within his lyrics make of his music an immersive experience to which many people can relate to.

“You Were The One” delivers a lot of energy with a powerful beat of the drums and dancing bass, while rhythmic guitars set the ver much needed harmony. Cooper’s vocals feel real, imperfect, and honest, just as if you were listening to one of your closest friends going about how he can’t find his joint.

“This music came from a period of isolation and it evokes emotions, like angst and loneliness, that a lot of people identify with right now. These songs are energetic with catchy hooks and unexpected twists & turns; they were written with a pop mentality, but they feel like rock n’ roll.”‘ – Cooper Castelle

With ear-worm choruses and witty lyrics, this single is an adventure of itself, a ride through raw emotions and swinging beats. The clash between these two contrasting elements create a perfect harmonious atmosphere where you might feel like wanting to die, but the music is just too good so you just keep on dancing.

This is Cooper’s second single release, following his debut track “Come Undone” in May 27. With this releases he is preparing for the launch of his first EP Welcome To My World, due in August 5, and it is said to be a sonic tour through Cooper’s open book musical consciousness.

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