This young artist from Sydney, Australia has arrived to open up himself about his past and the decisions he made. “Mistakes and Heartbreak” is an electronic/new-wave track that ever increases with powerful energy and vast amounts of feelings. LISTEN NOW!

N4November is a solo artist/musician who started writing music back when he was 16. In fact, “Mistakes and Heartbreak” was the very first song he wrote! Fast forward to today, him being 22, he is ready to let this track out to the public!

“Mistakes and Heartbreak” is all about regrets, bad decisions made, and a lack of knowledge, all of which led to badly hurting someone else. In this song the artist tries to redeem himself, even ask for forgiveness for what he did in the past. A song about growing up and maturing from these mistakes, wishing he knew back then what he knows right now, so he could be a better person.

With lush synths and minimalistic melodies, the single shines with the artist’s vocoded vocals and heart-felt lyrics. Subtle and dreamy, the track evolves into an exploding feat of earthshaking drums, delivering an epic force that I’d dare to assume represents N4November’s regret. A huge wall of sound of violins and percussive elements give this single an awe-evoking finale that pierces right through like a cathartic experience, getting rid of all the guilt and negative feelings.

I was scrolling through Tumblr and I scrolled past this photo of a guy singing on stage, with the caption “thought I was yours”, or something like that, and I imagined what his lyrics would sound like sung out loud. And from then on, I’ve never stopped writing.” – N4November

Although it was written 6 years ago, N4November still holds this track near his heart as he considers that it still holds strong. It was recorded and produced in the band Breakaway’s lead guitarist’s, Rich Mammoliti’s, home studio.

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